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Financial Literacy Requirement

Every STEP participant will complete a two-part required financial wellness program in their second year. The first part will be the completion of an online module that guides students through fundamental financial concepts, including (but not limited to) financial goal setting, budgeting, interest rates, loan basics, repayment options and an overview of personal credit. The second part of the financial wellness requirement will consist of each STEP participant engaging in an individual, face-to-face one-hour session with a trained financial wellness coach. These sessions allow the student to receive further clarification on any concept presented within the online module, establish goals, understand their current financial standing and work to develop a financial plan for their time at Ohio State and beyond. Finally, the in-person session will also help students to reflect on how to use their STEP fellowship to best support their educational goals.


Financial Literacy Schedule 2017-2018

Autumn Semester 2017:

  • Granello (D.), Granello (P.), Kuwaza, and Zyromski
  • Boyles, Ghalichechian, Grandey, Ortiz-Rosario, and Severson
  • Karns, Klooster, Polasik, Raison, and Richards
  • Lee, Partido, Shepfer, and Wood
  • Callam, Larsen, Strzempkowski, and Vilensky
  • Degroat, Major, and Weaver
  • England, Filson, Raczkowski, and Moeller
  • Bielefeld, Parris, Surek-Clark, and Yocom
  • Coleman, Cressman, Doetsch, Schlueter, and Wolfe
  • Harper, Irvin, and Ottobre
  • Gulati, Heck, Liu, Mozingo, and Sutter
  • Agarwal, Ankerman, Bonello, and Everson
  • Bujisic, Herak, Rodriguez, and Varde
  • Kennel, Morrison, and Sigler (Kristie)
  • Cole, Curtis, Dye, and Haase
  • Dunlevy, Foulis, Mirzaie, Preston, and Stavridis
  • Alevriadou, Bias, Goddard, Holmes, and Kogan
  • Dollarshide, Fisher, Lisbon, and Snode
  • Black, Phillips, Rajneesh, Ray, and Szeyeller
  • Abo, Davis, Eastridge, and Kellner
  • Cheavens, Clopper, Prince, and Silveira
  • Christy, Herrmann, Livingston, Ruddy, and Tichgelaar
  • Espinosa, Gibson, and Rayo
  • Guerrero, Schlingman, and Usher
  • Brown, Melsop, and McPheron
  • Dunn, Flinn, McGory (J.), and Ulstad
  • Adams-Gaston, Birkhold, Hansford, Lara, McGory (E.), Pirim, and Ratcliff

Spring Semester 2018:

  • Crews, Hedgecoth, Wang, and Whittington (P.)
  • Aubry, Caldwell, Inpanbutr, and Sims
  • Claman, Hattey, Scheer, and Schrock
  • Bender/Costigan and Farris
  • Bibyk, Cogan, Henricksen, and Li
  • Beers, Chatas, Green, Heath, and Mull
  • Bogicevic, Kandampully, and Pryor
  • Lewandowski, Haas-Gehres, Parson, and Summers
  • Annen, Chordas, and Wallace
  • Costa-Giomi, George, Roberts, and Ruegseggar
  • Garcia, Hensley, Marshall, and Pohlschneider
  • Rottler, Schroeder, Sigler (Ken), and Soter
  • Augustine, Clark (Susan), Giusti, and Gottlieb
  • Greco, Nocera, Taylor, and Whittington (S.)
  • Chamberlin, Funderburg, Hagenberger, and Moore
  • Cravens-Brown, Feth, Matta, Orefice, Rudoff, Stenta, and Zirkle
  • Hartman, Kajfez, Kecskemety, and Lower
  • Booton, Grzybowski, Jones, and Vaessin
  • Ahlqvist, Couch, Mitchell, and Pitstick