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Undergraduate Research

Undergraduate research can be conducted in any field of study, and is not limited to students in STEM fields. For example, independent scholarship in the humanities or the creative arts is included in the umbrella of undergraduate research, and the same opportunities for presentation, publication, and writing a thesis are available to all OSU students involved in ‘research’. All students who engage in undergraduate research through STEP are encouraged to write a thesis and apply to graduate with research distinction. Students interested in writing a research thesis should discuss this with the faculty research advisor and their academic or major advisor.

Research can be a long term process, and the STEP undergraduate research experience may take more than the minimum one semester or summer to complete. However, by the end of one term, the STEP student researcher is expected to have made some progress (an understanding of necessary techniques, exploratory or preliminary results or measures, initial development of survey instruments, etc.). STEP participants may find this is a project they want to continue and develop it into a thesis.

For more information on possible research opportunities, please see:

Undergraduate Research Office

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