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Spicing It Up with STEP

December 6, 2017

On Monday, STEP faculty mentor Esther Gottlieb spiced things up for a weekly meeting with her students.  Literally, she took us to Brassica to enjoy the food and learn a little bit about the history of this fast-casual Mediterranean restaurant in the Short North.  Students all chatted and were able to enjoy food at a discount, courtesy of Aaron Hart, a managing partner.  Aaron gave a brief presentation about the founding of Brassica, the owners (the same as the popular Northstar Café) and the roots in home cooking.  We talked about how they use fresh ingredients and exotic seasoning such as sumac that was passed around so we all got to smell it.  This and other ingredients spice up the “Brassica” plants in the mustard family, informally known as cruciferous vegetables, a family of nutrition vegetables.  Aaron and his marvelous team prepare them simply so their beautiful flavors and colors can shine.


This experience, as put by one student, was “…an opportunity to get off campus and try new, amazing food.”  Another student who visited Brassica and tried Mediterranean food for the first time stated, “I thoroughly enjoyed the experience of diversifying my pallet and learning about another amazing off campus dining location.”  Expressed by almost everyone in the cohort was a great time to try, or even retry, some authentic food.  Being led by Esther, it was nice to be pushed off this campus, grow in experiences as a group, and grow closer in the process.  It was a nice change of pace as a cohort, and we are looking forward to other adventures.  Stay tuned! Next we are all going to the Columbus Symphony Orchestra, on Saturday. 


Reported by: Emmanuel Latio, STEP 2017/18