Office of Student Life

STEP Participants

Current STEP participants have several customized and detailed resources in addition to the information found on this website. Current participants should refer to the following resources for the most detailed and up-to-date program information: 

  • Student Handbook: The STEP Student Handbook contains in-depth information about program policies, procedures, and important guidelines. 

  • Dashboard: Utilize the STEP Dashboard to sign up for PDCs, upload project documentation and monitor progress toward fulfilling program requirements. 

  • Faculty Mentor: Your STEP Faculty Mentor is a source of personalized guidance and support. Be sure to review their communications and reach out to them with specific questions or for advice tailored to your academic and personal development. 

  • STEP Email Messaging: STEP regularly sends out important updates and reminders via email. Current participants should regularly check their Ohio State email account for communications sent from to stay informed about program developments and deadlines. 

Current Students