Office of Student Life


The study of leadership is integral to students at Ohio State becoming global citizens who make significant positive contributions to society. While many students pursue leadership development opportunities during college, few benefit from the knowledge of leadership theory which helps to develop their self-awareness, capacity to understand change, connection to leadership theory and practice and ability to work effectively with others. The goal of a project in the Leadership category is to provide students with more intentional leadership development opportunities that focus on these ideas and a relational approach to leadership as opposed to a positional view. Students have three options within this category:

  • Students may engage in programming to develop their leadership skills, which includes a leadership-centered curriculum that helps students grow in their capacity to lead.
  • Students may participate in a professionally accredited program that culminates in a certification.
  • Students may engage in opportunities to advance career competencies and skills to better understand the profession through formal learning opportunities, such as conferences and workshops, which align with the student’s professional aspirations.

Leadership Project Examples