Office of Student Life

Financial Wellness

STEP participants complete a Financial Wellness Component, provided through Scarlet and Gray Financial, within the Student Life Student Wellness Center. This component of STEP teaches students budgeting basics which are necessary for the Signature Project proposal, and are also broadly applicable in life.  

How to Complete the Financial Wellness Component: 

Students will receive an email from notifying them of their Financial Wellness window opening. Students must complete the Financial Wellness Component by the end date of their cohort’s Financial Wellness window.

The email from will outline three tasks to complete.

  • Task 1.) Schedule a group financial coaching session.
  • Task 2.) Complete a Financial Wellness Checkup through iGrad.
  • Task 3.) Participate in the group financial coaching session, scheduled in Task 1. These sessions introduce students to important financial topics relevant for second-year students including budgeting, credit cards and saving money. 

After students have completed the iGrad Checkup and/or Group Coaching, they will see ”Finished” next to each of these tasks under the Financial Wellness Component section on their STEP Dashboard. Status updates may take 2-3 business days to reflect on the STEP Dashboard following the completion of each task.